How to Help Your Child When You’re Going Through a Divorce

Child Support Lawyers Pasco CountyBreaking up a family can be traumatic for your children, no matter how old they are because their parents are splitting up. It can be difficult for children to process and comprehend why it is happening. The best thing for you to do as a parent is to keep your child in their usual routine as much as possible. Check out some ways you can help ease the chaos in their life below.

School Activities- If your child is always participating in school activities, it is your responsibility to make sure they are still able to attend.  It is crucial that your children are able to do the things that they love.

Sports- If your little one plays sports, you should always be there to support them. When your child looks up in the stands, it will mean a lot to see their parent cheering them on.

Quality Time- Spending time with your growing child can be tricky with school activities and sports, but it is important to do stuff together. Whether you have sole or joint custody, you should make it a priority to spend time with your child even if it is just cooking a meal together.

Your children will grow fast and you don’t want to look back at all the missed opportunities to spend time together because of a divorce. Make time for your children because you will cherish the special memories for years to come. When you are looking for child support lawyers in Pasco County, call our office at 1-813-626-5321 right away.

What You Need to Know About Alimony in Florida

Alimony Attorney Pasco CountyDepending on your circumstances, you could be awarded alimony in the state of Florida to help you maintain your lifestyle after the divorce. Alimony is commonly known as spousal support because it is money you can use to preserve the life you became accustomed to living while you were married. There are a couple of things to be aware of when it comes to alimony and we listed some below to help you better understand alimony.

Duration- Depending on specific circumstances you could receive or pay short-term spousal payments or it could be permanent.

Understand How it is Calculated- Many things are factored into the amount of alimony you will be receiving or paying. These factors include income, educational history, the standard of living, length of the marriage, and more.

Different Types- The six different types include temporary, lump sum, bridge the gap, rehabilitative, durational, and permanent. An alimony attorney in Pasco County can help you understand the difference between the different types.

For an alimony attorney in Pasco County, you can trust the Law Offices of Steven J. Glaros and Associates to help you in your time of need. We are here to answer all of your questions and help you through this challenging process. Dial 1-813-626-5321 to schedule a consultation immediately.

3 Factors Consider When Determining Child Support

child support lawyers in Pasco CountyWhen your family is going through a divorce, it can be incredibly overwhelming, especially if there are children involved. From child support to custody agreements, you need experienced attorneys who are in your corner. When it comes to child support, many factors go into determining the amount that will be paid to the custodial parent. At The Law Offices of Steven J. Glaros & Associates, we want to share three of these factors with you.

Income- It is commonly known that salary is a crucial factor when it comes to child support. It is imperative to have a child support lawyer who can assist you in determining an estimated amount you could be paying or receiving.

Costs of the Child- Included in this category are the cost of health insurance, education, daycare, extracurricular activities, etc.

Age of Child- Another factor that is taken into consideration is the age of the child. Older children are more likely to have higher expenses than a younger child.

Every family is different, so it is essential to have the right representation when it comes to child support cases in Florida. Here at The Law Offices of Steven J. Glaros & Associates, our qualified child support lawyers in Pasco County want to help you through this challenging time. Call our office today at (813) 343-4753 to schedule a personal consultation.

3 Reasons Why Your Last Will & Testament is Important

lawyer in Pasco CountyMany people dread writing their Last Will & Testament, so they tend to put it off. Regardless of your age, it is imperative that you have a will prepared because nothing in life is guaranteed, not even tomorrow. Discover three reasons why you should start working on your will.

Distribute Assets- Whether you are dividing up your prized possessions or dividing property between your loved ones, you can leave a detailed will behind, so everyone will receive the items you want them to have after you have passed away.

Less Stress Place on Loved Ones- Once a loved one has passed away, it can be a very stressful time for family members. Since it is an emotional time, it often causes arguments between individuals. If you leave a detailed will, then your loved ones will know exactly what you wanted.

Covers Last Wishes- If you do not have your final wishes written down in a will, then your family members will not know what you want for your burial.

When you are ready to write your Last Will & Testament, you need a lawyer in Pasco County to help you get the job done. Give our law firm a call at (813) 343-4753 to schedule a time that works for you.

Benefits of a Restraining Order

family law attorney in Pinellas CountyWhether you just ended a violent relationship or are a victim of stalking, a restraining order, also known as a protection order, might be the right choice for you to ensure your protection. You should not have to live in constant fear because of someone else. Do not allow this person to remain in your life any longer if you feel they pose a threat. There are many advantages to having a protection order in Florida and we listed a couple below.

No More Physical Contact- You will not have to worry about this person showing up at your house, work, or following you when you are in public. There will be legal ramifications if this person does try to approach you when you have a protection order.

Stop All Forms of Communication- By securing a restraining order, you can eliminate all types of harassment by stopping every form of communication. You will not have to worry about getting mail, notes, telephone calls, flower deliveries, emails, or faxes from this person.

If you are looking for a family law attorney in Pinellas County, we are on your side and can help you obtain a restraining order to ensure your protection. Reach out to us for legal assistance by calling (813) 343-4753 right now.

3 Ways to Comfort Your Child During a Divorce

child support lawyers in Pinellas CountyFiling for divorce is a tough decision, especially if you have children with your spouse. Depending on their age, they might not understand why their parents are no longer living together. Fortunately, there are ways you can comfort your child during this emotional journey.

Expressing Emotions- You should encourage your children to express their emotions, regardless of how they are feeling. Your child needs to know it is alright to talk to you even if they are angry or sad. By talking through your child’s feelings with them, it will help them cope better with the situation because they are not keeping their emotions bottled up.

Favorite Activity- Another way to help your child is to participate in their favorite activity. Take their mind off the divorce by playing a favorite game or going to the movies. Just spending time together is an excellent way to bond.

Treat Your Spouse with Respect- You should never fight in front of your child or talk bad about them in front of your child. Always treat your soon-to-be ex-spouse with respect, so your child doesn’t have to witness it.

When you are seeking child support lawyers in Pinellas County, you can depend on our law firm. Give us a call at (813) 343-4753 to discuss your current situation.

Difficult Divorce Decisions

divorce attorney in Hillsborough CountyDeciding to end the marriage is the first step in a long process. Once you have made the decision, you should turn to a divorce attorney in Hillsborough County for assistance with the rest of the process because you will be faced with more difficult decisions. Depending on your specific situation, you will most likely have to discuss at least one of the topics below.

Division of Property- In Florida, the law calls for equal distribution of marital property. You will have to divide all types of property.

Alimony- Depending on your income, you might have to pay spousal support or you could receive it. The intended purpose of alimony is to help maintain the quality of life even after the marriage has ended.

Child Support- If you have children, you must first decide the custody arrangement. You will need to choose sole, joint, or rotating custody. After you have come to a decision, child support will be factored into the equation.

Everyone at our law firm wants to help you through your divorce by providing guidance and legal assistance. If you would like to speak with one of our divorce attorneys, you can give us a call at (813) 586-1999 right now.

How to Prepare Financially for a Divorce

Coins with a paper saying divorceAlthough the dissolution of a marriage is typically fraught with emotions, it’s in your best interests to try to compartmentalize your concerns. As you work through your emotional issues with a counselor, work through your practical concerns with a divorce attorney. A divorce attorney in Tampa can help you learn how to prepare financially for the divorce and how to protect your interests.

Gather Financial Documents

Your divorce attorney will need lots of financial documents to arrange for a fair division of property. Additionally, you’ll be required to disclose certain financial information on an affidavit. You can expect to need tax returns for the last three years, three months of your most recent pay stubs, and the prior year’s W-2, 1099, and K-1 forms. Your lawyer will also need access to your bank account statements, life insurance policy, retirement account statements, and documents pertaining to any debts you and your spouse have.

Check Your Credit Reports

Divorce attorneys strongly recommend that their clients check their credit reports before the trial. Review your credit reports for any accounts your spouse may have opened without informing you or any payments that he or she may have missed.

Evaluate Childcare Costs

If you and your spouse have children, child support will be a factor in the court order. Calculate their basic expenses, such as food, housing, and clothing. Other discretionary expenses, such as extracurricular activities, are often not taken into account.

Appraise Collections

Does your spouse have a baseball card, vintage bottle, or other type of collection that might be valuable? Consider hiring a professional appraiser to estimate the value of the collection. You’ll also need to have the value of your home and cars assessed.

Close Joint Accounts

Talk to your divorce attorney about when you should begin closing accounts held jointly with your spouse. If the two of you have a shared credit card, for example, you could be held liable for any debts your spouse accrues while the divorce is pending.

Common Divorce Causes

Vacation home on the waterWhen you first married, it may have seemed inconceivable that you would ever seek advice from a divorce attorney. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for couples to grow apart over the years. Divorce attorneys often work with clients who have decided to file for divorce because of money issues. Spouses frequently have different money styles – one may be a spender while the other is a saver, for example. Over time, you and your spouse may have developed different financial goals. You may wish to focus on saving for retirement, while your spouse may be interested in buying a vacation home, for instance. Money disagreements such as these often form the basis for divorce.

Another reason you might look for a divorce lawyer serving Tampa Bay is if your spouse has been unfaithful. For many people, the emotional pain of infidelity is simply too damaging to try to repair the marriage. For other people, there is no one specific reason why they choose to consult a divorce lawyer. They may have simply drifted apart over the years. Breakdown in communication, lack of honesty, and the loss of mutual respect are all common reasons for divorce.

How to Prepare for Your Consultation with a Divorce Attorney

Man signing papersIf you and your spouse have been experiencing difficulties and it’s time to consult a divorce attorney, you’ll need to schedule an initial consultation. Some divorce attorneys offer initial consultations free of charge. These meetings are an opportunity for the attorney to review the basics of your situation and for you to ask any questions you may have about the proceedings. Going to your appointment well prepared can help you get the most out of the meeting.

Consider Issues That May Arise

When you consult a divorce lawyer serving Tampa Bay, you can expect him or her to ask personal questions. This is necessary for your lawyer to understand your situation. For example, your divorce lawyer may ask you if domestic violence is involved or if infidelity is an issue. These are factors that the court will consider, as well. Divorce is usually a highly emotional affair. It’s perfectly natural to have trouble controlling your emotions during your consultation; however, by considering these questions in advance, you may be able to answer them more easily.

Evaluate Your Goals

Some of the questions your divorce lawyer will ask you may focus on your goals for the outcome of the divorce. For example, do you want to retain sole custody of the children? Consider your goals for property division. Your lawyer may negotiate with your ex to allow you to keep a treasured family heirloom in exchange for another asset, for example.

Compile a List of Assets and Liabilities

Property division is a significant component of the divorce process. Before your free lawyer consultation, write down a list of all of your assets and those of your spouse. These include bank accounts, retirement accounts, and other savings accounts. These also include tangible property such as vehicles, houses or condos, and valuable artwork. Your lawyer will also need a list of debts, including student loans, mortgages, and credit card debt.

Bring Important Documents

If you already have legal documents pertaining to your marriage or divorce, bring those to the consultation. These might include prenuptial agreements, an order of protection, or a divorce summons.