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Couple in a tension don't want talk with to each other

Deciding to end the marriage is the first step in a long process. Once you have made the decision, you should turn to a divorce attorney in Hillsborough County for assistance with the rest of the process because you will be faced with more difficult decisions. Depending on your specific situation, you will most likely have to discuss at least one of the topics below.

Division of Property- In Florida, the law calls for equal distribution of marital property. You will have to divide all types of property.

Alimony- Depending on your income, you might have to pay spousal support or you could receive it. The intended purpose of alimony is to help maintain the quality of life even after the marriage has ended.

Child Support- If you have children, you must first decide the custody arrangement. You will need to choose sole, joint, or rotating custody. After you have come to a decision, child support will be factored into the equation.

Everyone at our law firm wants to help you through your divorce by providing guidance and legal assistance. If you would like to speak with one of our divorce attorneys, you can give us a call at 813-854-1234 right now.