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Many victims of domestic violence note that their partners were initially courteous and kind, yet later became controlling and violent. This gradual shift can sometimes make it difficult to recognize the signs of domestic abuse. In general, if you are fearful of your partner, you’re likely the victim of domestic abuse. Everyone has the right to be safe in their own homes. You can speak to a domestic violence lawyer regarding your situation and your options. Domestic violence lawyers in Tampa Bay can assist you by filing an injunction, or order of protection. Your lawyer can also help you file for divorce and represent your rights in court.

Emotional Abuse

It’s a common misconception that domestic abuse only involves physical abuse. Many partners are emotionally abusive. If your partner humiliates you, puts you down, is critical, or blames you for his or her own behavior, it’s time to talk to a domestic violence lawyer. You may also be the victim of emotional abuse if you have been made to feel that you can’t do anything right, believe that you deserve the abuse, feel psychologically numb or are fearful of your partner.

Controlling Behavior

Those who engage in domestic violence are typically controlling. Some signs of domestic abuse include controlling who you socialize with, who you talk to, where you go, how you spend money, and even where or whether you work. An abusive partner may threaten to hurt or kill you, to take your children away, or to commit suicide unless you do as he or she demands.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse can take many forms. It’s time to consult a domestic violence lawyer if your partner hits, slaps, kicks, bites, shoves, pushes, or otherwise physically harms you. Your partner can also compromise your physical health by withholding needed medications.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is far too common among couples in a marriage or other relationship. In fact, many abusers mistakenly claim that if two people are in a relationship, rape cannot occur. No one can force you to have sex against your will. If your abuser has sexually assaulted you or committed a sexual act despite your refusal, you should obtain legal assistance right away.