Wrongful Death Attorney in Pinellas County

The sudden death of a family member or loved one is complicated to cope with, especially if their death was caused by the negligence or misconduct of another individual. You can trust the Law Offices of Steven J. Glaros and Associates when you need a lawyer in Pasco County. If your family member was taken too soon because of a car accident, slip-and-fall, wrong medication, or medical malpractice, our attorneys will work with you to satisfy your need for justice. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest negligence laws, so we can represent a wide array of cases for those who may be in need of an attorney Pinellas County.

Set Up a Free Evaluation with Our Malpractice Attorney

Whether you're certain that you want to pursue legal action or you're looking for legal guidance, our malpractice attorney welcomes you. When you schedule a free consultation with us, we discuss the specific details of your case to determine the different legal options available to you. After considering the probable outcomes for each option, we work with you to choose the one that will be most beneficial for you and your family.

Striving for Closure with the Compensation You Deserve

Our legal staff aggressively pursues the positive results that you and your family deserve. You can count on our attorneys for effective representation at every step of your case. While many clients only think about their loved ones’ medical bills and funeral costs, they aren't the only financial rewards that we fight for. Our attorneys also calculate compensation for the loss of consortium and the mental pain and suffering caused by the wrongful death.

We also strive to estimate the potential retirement income and salary earnings that the individual would have likely accrued to determine a figure for compensation. After calculating these losses, our lawyers pursue the appropriate course of action to recover the compensation you need to ease your stress during this difficult time. Start your path to emotional and financial recovery by scheduling your free consultation with us today.

Contact our legal team when you are in need of a wrongful death attorney or family law in Pasco County. For your convenience, we have offices in multiple locations to assist you during this challenging time of your life.