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People make mistakes, especially children and teenagers. When a minor commits a crime, this is referred to as a juvenile crime and is handled differently than a normal criminal offense committed by an adult. An attorney experienced in handling juvenile criminal cases is necessary to effectively represent a minor arrested for or accused of a crime.

The Law Offices of Steven J Glaros and Associates has four, convenient Tampa Bay locations. Our law firm offers legal representation to teens and children accused of any type of criminal offense. We have the understanding of the Juvenile Court system in order to offer valuable legal support and representation. When you work with a defense lawyer at our firm, we will fight to defend your children's rights. We assist in cases throughout the Tampa Bay area.

We believe it is important that children and young adults are given a chance at rehabilitation, rather than punishment. While the Juvenile Court process is geared typically toward rehabilitation, a temperamental prosecutor or judge could very easily escalate a situation and attempt to have a child tried in adult court, where he or she will face adult penalties. At our firm, we do not believe in this option. An experienced Tampa Bay juvenile crimes defense attorney at our firm can help you avoid this turn of events.

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