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Many people arrested for DUI feel as though they have already been deemed guilty of a crime. If you have been charged with DUI, you should speak with an experienced DUI attorney at The Law Office of Steven J Glaros and Associates immediately. We will help you discover how your case could be successfully resolved before you make an ill-advised decision to plead guilty or no contest.

Discussion of any potential consequences should never take place until your case is properly investigated and reviewed for potential defenses. Defenses can be either legal or factual.

Legal defenses are the most common. They challenge the procedures the officer followed in your case. In our system of law, the police are instruments of government. As a result, they must follow rules set out in our laws and in the United States and Florida Constitutions. These rules are not "technicalities" as described by the pundits in the media. Our rights are not technicalities. They define who we are as people and differentiate us from the rest of the world. As Tampa Bay DUI Attorneys, our office is trained in every police procedure. If you rights are violated, we will fight for you.

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Charged and arrested for any drug crime can be a difficult time, not only for the accused, but for the family as well. Our firm will what it takes to assist you to a win when you have become involved in any drug crime matter. Drug crimes in Florida often carry local, state and federal penalties. Accused of offenses as diverse as illegal possession, cultivation, manufacturing, state- trafficking or federal drug trafficking, our firm can see you through to the best possible outcome in your circumstances.

Being arrested for a drug crime in Florida, a defendant faces the full suite of our country's law enforcement and the toughest drug crimes penalties in the nation. Few criminal defense attorneys possess sufficient background, exposure and training in all aspects of drug crime law, prosecution and defense, as do the professionals at The Law Office of Steven J Glaros and Associates.

If you are under investigation or have been arrested for any drug crime, then it's imperative to have a firm knowledgeable in all aspects of Florida State and federal law. We can be the best defense against a system that often rushes to convict with the highest level of penalty allowed by law.

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