Glancing at Florida's Drug Laws

Unlike an offense where someone manufactures, distributes, or sells a controlled substance, drug possession involves a defendant holding a controlled substance for personal use. In Florida, the possession of most controlled substances is a third degree felony. If you have been charged with drug possession in Tampa Bay, you should immediately consult with a criminal defense attorney.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Tampa

To secure a drug possession conviction, a Florida prosecutor must show that the substance was illegal, you had knowledge of the drug, and that you were in control of the drug. Your attorney will study the facts of your case to determine the best defense strategy. For example, your criminal defense attorney may argue your lack of knowledge that the material was a controlled substance. In addition, your attorney may be able to show entrapment arranged by police or violations of the Fourth Amendment regarding unlawful search and seizure. Florida state laws dictate a range of punishments for drug offenses, including prison terms lasting up to five years and fines amounting to $5,000. For this reason, it's important to schedule a free lawyer consultation as soon as possible following your arrest.

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