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Common Boating Accidents

lawyer in Pasco CountyFlorida lives up to the name Sunshine State and it brings many boaters out onto the waters every day. Whether you are soaking up the sun or reeling in a great catch, you should always stay vigilant because boating can be very dangerous. Many people are hurt every year from a variety of boating accidents and we want to make you aware of the most common types of boating accidents.

Speeding- People should pay attention to their surroundings, whether it is the size of the waves or if they are in a no-wake zone. Speeding can cause accidents with other boats just like it does with cars.

Driver Error-This could involve someone not paying attention when steering the boat or boating under the influence.

Over Crowding- By merely overloading a boat with too many people, it could result in an accident.

Unseaworthy Vessels- If a boat is not properly maintained it could cause problems while you are out at sea. All types of mechanical malfunctions could happen and result in an accident.

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Benefits of a Restraining Order

family law attorney in Pinellas CountyWhether you just ended a violent relationship or are a victim of stalking, a restraining order, also known as a protection order, might be the right choice for you to ensure your protection. You should not have to live in constant fear because of someone else. Do not allow this person to remain in your life any longer if you feel they pose a threat. There are many advantages to having a protection order in Florida and we listed a couple below.

No More Physical Contact- You will not have to worry about this person showing up at your house, work, or following you when you are in public. There will be legal ramifications if this person does try to approach you when you have a protection order.

Stop All Forms of Communication- By securing a restraining order, you can eliminate all types of harassment by stopping every form of communication. You will not have to worry about getting mail, notes, telephone calls, flower deliveries, emails, or faxes from this person.

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3 Ways to Comfort Your Child During a Divorce

child support lawyers in Pinellas CountyFiling for divorce is a tough decision, especially if you have children with your spouse. Depending on their age, they might not understand why their parents are no longer living together. Fortunately, there are ways you can comfort your child during this emotional journey.

Expressing Emotions- You should encourage your children to express their emotions, regardless of how they are feeling. Your child needs to know it is alright to talk to you even if they are angry or sad. By talking through your child’s feelings with them, it will help them cope better with the situation because they are not keeping their emotions bottled up.

Favorite Activity- Another way to help your child is to participate in their favorite activity. Take their mind off the divorce by playing a favorite game or going to the movies. Just spending time together is an excellent way to bond.

Treat Your Spouse with Respect- You should never fight in front of your child or talk bad about them in front of your child. Always treat your soon-to-be ex-spouse with respect, so your child doesn’t have to witness it.

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Difficult Divorce Decisions

divorce attorney in Hillsborough CountyDeciding to end the marriage is the first step in a long process. Once you have made the decision, you should turn to a divorce attorney in Hillsborough County for assistance with the rest of the process because you will be faced with more difficult decisions. Depending on your specific situation, you will most likely have to discuss at least one of the topics below.

Division of Property- In Florida, the law calls for equal distribution of marital property. You will have to divide all types of property.

Alimony- Depending on your income, you might have to pay spousal support or you could receive it. The intended purpose of alimony is to help maintain the quality of life even after the marriage has ended.

Child Support- If you have children, you must first decide the custody arrangement. You will need to choose sole, joint, or rotating custody. After you have come to a decision, child support will be factored into the equation.

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