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With over 30 years of combined experience, the dedicated staff at the Law Offices of Steven J. Glaros and Associates are honored to provide legal services for clients who need assistance with personal injury, family law, or divorce. Our law firm is here to help you and your family during the difficult time you are currently facing, so we treat every client that walks through our doors with respect and dignity. Our team will work hard to protect your rights and provide guidance for your specific situation. As an experienced attorney in Pinellas County, we understand that every case is unique, so we handle all of our cases with precision and sensitivity. Our practice areas include:

Auto Accident Injuries
Child Support/Alimony
Custody & Visitation
Estate Planning and Probate
Family Law
Motorcycle Accident Injuries
Parental Responsibilities
Personal Injury
Property Division


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We care about all of our clients, so our attorneys sit down with you to gain a perspective of your case to ensure the most desirable results with all of the legal services we offer. Whatever your legal needs may be, our highly knowledgeable, highly experienced, and well-equipped attorneys are here to deliver the representation you deserve. We fight for your family, your rights, and for justice. Don't wait another day. Reach out to the staff of our law office at your earliest convenience to begin working with an attorney who fights for you. Request a free evaluation to get things started and we’ll be glad to give you a complimentary consultation for your case. After-hours consultations are available for your convenience, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us when you need our legal professionals on your side.

When you find yourself in need of legal representation, whether you need a personal injury attorney or a family lawyer in Pasco County, you can rely on us. To schedule a consultation with a divorce attorney in Hillsborough County, you can contact us today.